KunstCampus Kiel

A Campus Review

What do we see when we walk through the campus? What hides behind the forms and objects, how do they relate to each other? In the summer term of 2017, we, seven students of the History of Art, took a new look at the university campus as part of the KunstCampusKiel course funded by PerLe, the successful teaching and learning project. For although we spend most of our time on campus, it often needs a second look to consciously see things differently. We were interested in the details and particularities of Kiel University. This begins with the seal and corporate design, which represent the university to the outside world. But also the architecture, sculpture or installations which surround us were to be observed more closely, as well as the street art which is constantly being (re)created. With our examples, we would like to encourage people to discover the new in the well-known.

The KunstCampusKiel course was a component of research-oriented learning: the selection of the topic and the objects was ours – and naturally the mutual editing of our text drafts. Not only writing ‘for the drawer’ but making a lasting contribution with one’s own work were particularly exciting in addition to the variety of tasks.

The result can be found on the website and in a folder, which is also available to download (map fold).

We wish you a lot of fun with the Campus Review

Lupita Quintana Böhnke / Sarah Paulinsky / Hadja Rastagar / Almut Rix / Elisa Schermer / Nikolai Ziemer / Lisei Ziesmer / Susanne Schwertfeger


Stairs: pur.pur / seminar rooms: Susanne Schwertfeger