Studying Art for Secondary School Teachers in Kiel

The most important prerequisite for the study of art for teachers is the interest in teaching art at high schools and comprehensive schools. This includes the willingness to engage with artistic forms of expression through an historical-analytical and creative-aesthetic approach.

In addition to work in schools, other fields of work in the field of art education can be found in museums, youth art schools and cultural institutions. The programme is organised into a Bachelor of Arts followed by a Master of Education. In addition, there is the opportunity to do a PhD in art education at Kiel University (CAU) and thus pursue a scientific career.

A unique feature of the programme in Kiel is cooperation with the Muthesius University of the Fine Arts and Design (MKH). Art history, art theory and art didactics are taught at Kiel University, artistic practice at the Muthesius and can be studied across the whole breadth of subjects and in varying depths. To be able to study art as a secondary school teacher, artistic aptitude at the MKH must be proven by the presentation of a folder with one’s own work as well as an aptitude test.

Study Programme

The study of art for secondary school teachers in divided into three areas: art education/art didactics, art history/art theory and artistic practice.

Art Education / Art Didactics: this part of the programme at Kiel University provides the subject-specific foundations of art education / art didactic and thematises the justifications, tasks and goals of art teaching. The programme of art didactics is taught in close interaction with art history / art theory as well as artistic practice and with a considerable school-application relevance. The Centre for Excellence in Art Education' at the Institute for Art History of Kiel University serves to connect art education / art didactics with the sciences and offers events on special topics.

Art History / Art Theory: this section covers all areas of art, including the history of images and media, as well as media theory. These are taught at the Institute for Art History at Kiel. Subject of study is the research-oriented description, analysis and contextualisation of works of art and of image and media cultures with the methods of the art sciences.

Artistic Practice: this part is taught at the Muthesius University. It includes the development of one's own artistic or creative work regarding historical and contemporary positions. The programme for student teachers covers all areas of art, such as sculpture, painting, drawing and graphics, media art, film, ceramics, book illustration, design (both communication and industrial design) and spatial strategies.

In addition to art, a second subject is studied at Kiel University. Art can be combined with any other teaching subject. The teaching profile is supplemented by educational programmes, psychology, school internships in the bachelor's program and an internship in the master's program.


Study Advisors in Art for Secondary School Teachers

Prof.  Dr . Klaus Gereon Beuckers
Martina Ide

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