The Audimax (Main Auditorium)

1969 / Christian-Albrechts-Platz 2

Whether as the triad of research-teaching-education on the portico or in the design of the university church, the number three plays an important role on the upper campus. The Audimax joins in here and declines all possible uses of triangles. In the plan and outline, many of these forms add up to larger geometric structures. Their entirety forms a diamond. The construction is surprising in its detail. The formalistic idea runs through the whole building, to be seen inter alia in the triangular stair profiles. Originally, the door knobs, the lighting fixtures and the seating in the foyer also followed this principle. In 2008, however, some of these elements had to be changed to meet fire safety requirements.

Nevertheless, the planner Wilhelm Nevelig created something with the Audimax that is more than just an auditorium building: a sculpture of a building which can be entered and experienced that contributes to the modern cityscape of Kiel as a total work of art.