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The subject of art history is European art from late antiquity to the present day. All genres are studied: architecture, painting and graphics, sculpture as well as treasure art, as well as design, installation art and concept art, photography, film and other contemporary forms of expression. The academic study provides an overview of the history of art and its epochs. By means of an exemplary examination of selected examples, students acquire the ability to criticise works of art argumentatively, to describe and classify them. Methodological knowledge is conveyed, with which art objects in their historical and social environment can be analysed and classified in terms of content and (historical) ideology. In doing so, image content is examined, motive and form transformations described, but also manufacturing processes are observed. Just as important are the questions of aesthetic theory formation, semiotic or semantic contexts, the social environment, the aesthetic of reception or gender aspects.

The lessons are held completely in German language.

Profile of the Institute for Art History – Art History

The individual professional support and supervision of the students by the academic staff on the way to their own professionalisation is an essential feature of the study at the Institute in Kiel. Courses are oriented towards contemporary, relevant questions and research discourses of the subject and therefore offer a variety of forms of analysing art historical phenomena.

The study is academic, object-based, research-oriented and practical. Numerous field trips are organised in the region and throughout Europe take place where originals are discussed intensively together. With the Kiel Art Museum, the university has its own art museum, which is integrated into the teaching. The institute has an extensive specialised library. In addition, students can try out the basics of artistic techniques in their own workshops. The study of art history in Kiel is closely linked to the field of art didactics, so that aspects of art education can be worked out for practice implementation.

An extensive range of lectures and conferences supports the establishment of contacts in professional fields and scientific networks very early on. Against this background, Kiel graduates are above average in fulfilling the requirements of the job market.

Overview of Modules and Examinations Art History (2-subject Bachelor of Arts / 2-subject Master of Arts) 



Prof  Dr  Klaus Gereon Beuckers

Prof  Dr  Christoph Jobst          

Dr  Susanne Schwertfeger        

Dr  Julia von Ditfurth               


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